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Decorative Elements

Optional exterior shutters and decorative arches add a personalized touch to your portable storage building.

Star Shutters

$40.00 per set

Ready-made shutters offer easy customization and light control. Star shaped holes allow varying amount of light to enter the building while giving ita neat look.

Heart Shutters

$40.00 per set

Wooden window shutters with heart cut-outs add a personal touch to the building. These shutters create a classy detail your neighbors are sure to notice.

Pine Tree Shutters

$40.00 per set

Wooden pine tree shutters raise the overall aesthetic value of your building. They’re easy-to-clean and collect less dust than heavy drapes or curtains.

Acorn Shutters

$40.00 per set

These shutters are attractive and easy to operate. These window treatment options aren’t tricky, will fit the windows perfectly, and will add a special detail that becomes the building’s signature.


Garden Arch vs Classic arch

$15.00 per arch

Garden and classic arches offer slightly different lines for exterior double doors. The decorative arch feels and looks like real hardwood on Dutch Lap siding.The added benefit is that it won’t become waterlogged,because each is treated with resin and wax. Choose the arch that best matches your shed.